Marketing Tools for eCommerce Businesses

Each ecommerce business owner needs to know and understand the ecommerce tools needed to maintain and grow the business. The tools needed in a eCommerce business is not like your physical tools like a screw driver or hammer. These tools are digital gadgets that help your business run smoothly, day in and day out. Each eCommerce business has their own setup and processes. But there are a few tools you will need under your belt before you can fully have your own setup and process as an ecommerce business owner.

Marketing Tools

Marketing is the thing that puts your product on the map. If you don’t utilize marketing, you will miss out on millions of potential shoppers. Marketing is so important to share your product and sell it.

The line between marketing and sales often gets blurred. These are all marketing tools but notice that they all are connected to sales as well. If you produce better marketing tactics it will ultimately help your sales become better as well.

Starting with conversational marketing seems fitting. This is where marketing all began. Talking to your potential customers and telling them about what you sell and why they need it. Giving your new/potential customers a personalized and memorable experience in conversation will help them know how that experience can continue throughout the customer/provider relationship.

Somethings a bit more technical on the marketing side are things like social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and graphic design.

Social media is huge in the marketing industry right now. Platforms from Instagram to Facebook to Tik Tok, social media has become full of influencers wanting to share your product and is a great way for your customers to share what you are selling as well. This is also a great place to show off your product and make it look good so that when people see it pop up on their feed, they can’t help but buy it.

SEO adds a little step up to your marketing strategy. Adding your online store to search engines like Google will make the chances for success become greater and greater. Making sure that you website pops up when a single key word is searched will help your name get out there. Getting software that will tell you where your page ranks for each keyword is very important to understanding your SEO efforts.

Google Analytics will save you so much time. They track how potential customers find and interact with your website and will help you boost your site to be higher on the list. SEO is one of the best ways to get your name out there.

Last is graphic design. You may not be artsy, but you can find someone who is. Graphic design can change your product packaging from basic, plain bags to vibrant branded containers. Having your products look good help your potential customers want to buy your product even more. The adobe suit, or something similar, is a must when considering graphic design.

Having this knowledge of what tools are best for each part of your ecommerce business will give you a leg up on the other businesses who may not know.