Kitting Services and What It Is

This article is a collection of the most important eCommerce best practices that every entrepreneur should follow. This article will help you understand kitting fulfillment services, best practices, and how they apply to your supply chain management. This article will also explain why using a fulfillment partner like Launch Fulfillment is the best option for warehousing and fulfillment services.

What is Kitting Fulfillment?

Many 3PL warehousing firms provide kitting as a standard service, yet few people outside of the eCommerce fulfillment business are familiar with it. It’s an important component of any eCommerce fulfillment service, just like pick-pack, storage, and delivery services. Read our beginner’s guide to ecommerce fulfillment to discover more.

The term “kitting” refers to a service that merges different single items into one unit for marketing, such as subscription boxes with a variety of items. It’s an essential eCommerce merchandising tool since it lets online merchants extend the use of their products.

Let’s take a look at kitting fulfillment to see if it might be useful to your company.

Why Use Product Kitting Services for eCommerce?

Fulfillment kitting enables a small business to sell more goods by allowing them to bundle similar items together, provide special offers, and cross-sell sales.

Kitting fulfillment, on the other hand, enables you to extend your stock without increasing storage costs by combining existing items.

Is Kitting Right for Your Business?

Kitting fulfillment services, for example, help you reduce the number of purchase orders, save money on administration fees, use space more efficiently, have faster production cycles and respond to customer demands sooner. There are many more advantages:

  • Faster Assembly Services
  • Fewer Shipping Mistakes
  • Better Packaging

If you sell combination packages, must maintain high standards and quality control measures to ensure that all components of a kit are included in every purchase, or provide kitting services, your firm will profit.

When it comes to ordering fulfillment services, third-party fulfillment providers such as Launch Fulfillment are a great way to save money and have more space for larger projects.

Types of eCommerce Product Kitting

It’s simpler to handle several eCommerce items and business models when kitting fulfillment is used. Fulfillment services are generally included in a wider production kitting process:

  • Storage – A 3PL manages and stores the manufacturer’s parts.
  • Kitting – After parts have been ordered, a 3PL will take the requested components from stock and put them together into appropriate kits.
  • Packaging and Distribution – The 3PL wraps the product as directed by the merchant, and it is delivered to the client.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are one of the most popular types of kitted items. Third-party platforms may assist you in running your subscription box company more smoothly and convert one-time consumers into paying subscribers.

Assembled Products

Kitting is frequently used with finished goods and regarded an important component of the fulfillment process. It allows eCommerce sites to give customers more alternatives. Inventory parts for any built-to-order product kits can be kept and configured in a variety of ways to allow consumers greater options.

Packed-to-Order Sets

Packed-to-order sets allow eCommerce shops to provide consumers with choices in set quantities, colors, and product mixes. Online stores that kitting and bundle items provide a wider selection of products for the consumer to purchase.

How to Manage Kitting

The key to a successful fulfillment campaign is effective inventory management. If a component of the kit isn’t available, online shops can’t sell the whole thing. Inventory management systems may help an eCommerce shop keep track of items, but not many e-retailers require expensive software or have enough space to do fulfillment in-house.

The majority of eCommerce businesses outsource kitting fulfillment to a 3PL fulfillment company, such as Launch Fulfillment. If you’re searching for fulfillment services, look no further than Launch Fulfillment. We provide warehouse solutions that are adaptable and scalable, as well as fulfillment operations and inventory management.

Fulfillment by Amazon, better known as “FBA,” is a service that allows sellers to have items sent directly to their customers from a network of warehouses. We’ll stock, store, pre-package your kits, and then send everything together as a batch job so you can focus on running your business while also selling more kits.

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