Here are the nine most essential 3PL services to investigate.

Fulfillment by 3PL services varies depending on the provider you choose. Here are some of the most essential services and logistics provided by 3PLs.

1.Inventory management

It’s practically impossible to keep track of every item you have in stock without the aid of a 3PL. Keep an eye on your inventory, not just by storing it, but also by tracking trends with sales and demand. Manage your supply chain using specialized software that automates data collection from shipping carriers and third-party fulfillment centers so you can

Once your 3PL has received and stored your inventory, you may examine the quantity on hand and products sold per day for each merchandise. This gives you complete insight into what’s available to ship to your clients at any given moment.

Your 3PL might also give you the ability to push real-time stock counts back to your website, allowing your consumers to immediately know if goods are out of stock.

2. Two-day shipping

The following figures should be considered:

Customers expect both fast and inexpensive delivery at the click of a button, combining these trends with the fact that the most popular eCommerce sites provide two-day shipping and free shipping choices.

Working with the wrong 3PL fulfillment services provider can make or break your ability to deliver on client expectations, as we’ll discuss in the following section. The proper 3PL can assist you offer 2-day delivery to your consumers at a reasonable cost by storing your stock closer to its shipping destination.

Third-party logistics service providers are frequently connected with shipping carriers, allowing them to obtain special rates for their customers. The largest cost savings for 2-day delivery come from distributing your inventory across fulfillment centers in various locations, however.

3.Distributed inventory

When working with a 3PL that has numerous distribution warehouses, you may distribute inventory across fulfillment centers to send each sale from the warehouse closest to your clients. Distributed inventory is the name given to this approach.

3PLs may automate the order fulfillment process with cutting-edge technologies that route each order to the ideal fulfillment center while also reducing costs and time.

If your clientele are scattered across the country, you’ll want to distribute your inventory to several fulfillment centers in order to improve delivery timeliness. This adds a layer of convenience for customers in regions near your shipping stops, allowing them to receive two-day delivery via ground. Air expedited shipping may be more expensive than ground transportation.

It’s a good idea to consider selling your products in order to minimize storage costs, but not everyone might profit from doing so. If you don’t yet have a large number of shipments, distributing inventory may not be cost-effective for you. Having a network of fulfillment centers, on the other hand, can help you reach more people as your online

Splitting the inventory across multiple 3PL warehouses might also assist you in being ready if your orders can’t depart a certain fulfillment center (for example, due to extreme weather conditions). Distributing inventory likewise aids with inventory management: If you run out of stock in one location, you’ll have back-up supply if you store goods in various regions.

4.B2B and DTC fulfillment

When you use a multichannel logistics approach, finding a 3PL that can handle both B2C and B2B fulfillment might be simpler. Launch Fulfillment’s B2B Fulfillment Suite and EDI capabilities allow merchants to sell throughout the entire B2B ecosystem, including retail dropshipping (fulfilling orders placed on large

Whether you’re fulfilling subscription orders on your website or retailing in Target stores, one 3PL may help you centralize multichannel inventory management and fulfillment, functioning as your backend logistics center.

5.Returns management

Return fulfillment is an area that some 3PLs excel at. They can assist your returns management process by handling returned orders and, in some cases, integrating with return software solutions to enhance the experience for your customers. You may opt to restock, quarantine, or destroy returned items while gaining insight into ecommerce returns.

6.Kitting & customization

Creating an unforgettable opening experience for your product may help your business stand out and leave a strong impression. This might be aided by the following ways in which 3PLs can assist you:

Custom gift notes

You can offer branded, personal gift notes to your shoppers via 3PLs like Launch Fulfillment’s and have them printed at pack — from the bride thanking their maid of honor, to the mom who misses her daughter — let your customers add heartfelt notes to their recipients.

Custom packaging

Make an acquisition unforgettable by using distinctive packaging. 3PLs like Launch Fulfillment’s make it simple to pick custom package size for any order combination, including personalized boxes, custom mailer packaging sorts, and even branded inserts.


Kitting is a value-added service offered by many 3PLs, such as Launch Fulfillment’s, that allows you to customize your inventory for customers, such as adding a sticker to each order.

Custom sender labels

You may order online through Amazon and pick it up in the store or get free delivery right to your home, which includes a gift card to help you shop even more! Pickup is always free at Amazon, regardless of how much you spend. You can also use an Amazon Prime membership to get two-day shipping for just $6.99 per

7.Advanced data analytics

Data may be a source of competitive advantage for companies. Launch Fulfillment’s provides free analytics tools with graphs and detailed insights to assist you in all types of year-end reporting, as well as supply chain decision-making (for example, see how many days it takes your orders to arrive at their destination, historical stock levels at any point in time in any.

8.International fulfillment

With a 3PL that has a physical presence in many nations, you can expand your brand across the world (and even international solutions). Launch Fulfillment’s, for example, is an ardent proponent of assisting firms in developing their brands worldwide.

You get a true worldwide fulfillment solution with one login to manage all warehouses, orders, inventory, and more when all of a 3PL’s fulfillment centers are run on the same warehouse management system, have the same service levels, and benefit from the same support team.