When it comes to order accuracy across fulfillment centers, Launch Fulfillment takes the cake.

Working with a professional fulfillment provider like Launch Fulfillment can assist you in correctly fulfilling and shipping orders. You may take advantage of the following methods that Launch Fulfillment uses to achieve high order accuracy rates for our clients by outsourcing fulfillment to the pros.

1. Implementing the right technology

The ability to operate the whole order-tech stack enables us to make any kind of technological change based on real-time client input at a higher rate and scale.

To make all this possible, we use a WMS that not only tracks and centralizes important fulfillment data and distribution metrics like how many orders per hour a picker can handle, but also calculates the duration from when new inventory arrives to when it is received, counted, and stored.

We can also utilize our technology to determine which fulfillment centers are excelling and learn from them to enhance our entire network.

2. Keeping business owners updated

Our fulfillment centers are powered by our technology, which means you can get real-time information on all orders throughout the manufacturing process.

You can use the dashboard to view orders by status, search for specific orders, and get a quick overview of any orders that need action.

Launch Fulfillment’s proprietary merchant dashboard, which connects to our WMS and offers each merchant complete insight into fulfillment performance, how we’re meeting our SLAs, visibility into order status and inventory counts, and much more through our analytics and reporting tool, gives each seller complete transparency. 

Fulfillment houses can also use Launch Fulfillment’s software to see pictures of their items for the picking and packing teams, conduct digital verifications for fulfillment staff each time an item is picked or packed, set packaging preferences, and implement other controls to minimize the chance of an order going out incorrectly.

3. Optimizing the supply chain

By linking your online store with Launch Fulfillment’s fulfillment system and providing us your inventory, you may use the company’s fulfillment logistics infrastructure, technology, and know-how to improve your supply chain even further.

You don’t have to spend time fulfilling orders or investing in a warehouse yourself if you work with a 3PL like Launch Fulfillment. We handle it all for you while giving complete control and visibility into the whole fulfillment process.


Ecommerce success is measured in terms of how well a company fulfills orders for new customers. While you may use methods to raise your order accuracy rate, the fact remains that outsourcing the fulfillment process to experts is one of the simplest aspects of a business for an ecommerce brand to outsource.

Our goal at Launch Fulfillment is to help you save time on logistics operations and offer a best-in-class fulfillment technology that helps you efficiently run your business. In addition to focusing solely on order accuracy rate, we also closely measure ‘support cases per order,’ which is a bigger indicator on how well we’re performing as your logistics partner.

This statistic also gives you information that may be utilized by your client service staff to prepare for future development based on the anticipated case volume per order count. 

Whether it’s optimizing route assignments, adding new fulfillment center locations to cut down on delivery times, or enhancing our warehouse picking and packing processes, Launch Fulfillment is always seeking for methods to enhance and improve order accuracy.

If you have any questions regarding how Launch Fulfillment works or if you want to obtain fulfillment pricing, please click the button below.

Order accuracy FAQs

Order accuracy is always an important issue for ecommerce companies. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about order accuracy rates, as well as why they’re so important.

How do I improve order accuracy?

Once you’ve determined your present order accuracy rate and established a new goal and timeframe, look for ways to improve picking and packing operations. You can also use technology, such as a warehouse management system, to improve efficiency and streamline time-consuming routines. Increasing order accuracy and minimizing human error may take a long time, money, and effort. As a result, many businesses choose to outsource logistics to an experienced 3PL with the tools and manpower to guarantee order accuracy.

How do I measure order accuracy?

Order accuracy is the percent of orders processed correctly out of the total number of performed orders. To calculate order accuracy rate, take the number of correctly fulfilled orders and divide it by your total number of orders. Then multiply that figure by 100 to get a percentage.

What is the average order accuracy rate?

Ecommerce companies’s order accuracy rate is typically around 96% to 98%. If your order accuracy rate is below 95%, you’ll need to explore ways to improve.