Your business, procedures, and strategies are unique — and so is your decision on fulfillment. How do you know when it’s time to look at using a fulfillment center and what are the real benefits that come from outsourcing? A good place to start is by considering the following for your unique business.

1. TIME. Are the demands of shipping, receiving, packing, inventory, warehousing, and all the research involved these things becoming overwhelming? Using an established fulfillment company can take these items off your plate and give you back valuable time. Not only will they take care of all of all these headache items, but they have already done the research and have the expertise so you don’t have to. If you’re feeling out of time and overwhelmed with the fulfillment process, it might be time to look at using a fulfillment company.

2. MONEY. Outsourcing your fulfillment not only will save you time, but can save you money in many areas. Once you use a fulfillment company, costs such as storage and warehousing, seasonal spikes in order fulfillment, equipment such as scales, sealers, racks, and forklifts, and ongoing software costs are no longer your responsibility. It’s all taken care of by your fulfillment company. Oftentimes, specialized fulfillment centers also have negotiated shipping rates, established relationships with carriers, and partnerships with other suppliers that have taken years and thousands of orders to establish. Their hard work on these relationships directly benefit you and can put more money back in your pocket. If you’re looking to save money and space in your fulfillment process, it might be time to look at outsourcing.

3. CUSTOM SOLUTIONS. As you probably know, running a successful business requires a significant amount of creative problem solving. It is the same concept with the process of kitting, packing and shipping. Safely shipping your product is one of the main missions a fulfillment company is built on, so considerations such as breakable items, snugly fit packaging, Styrofoam, bubble wrap, compact paper, or packing peanuts, type of packaging, shipping label placement, complying with regulations, and possible packaging reactions. If you’re looking for custom packaging solutions or creative problem solving for your business, it is a good time to look into using a fulfillment company.

4. COMPETITION. One of the things that keeps businesses most competitive is a reliable, streamlined process for shipping, returns, and exchanges. Because this is a main focus of a specialized fulfillment company, you can rest assured that your shipping and return process is smooth and keeping you competitive. If you’re striving to stay competitive, it might be a good time to look into outsourcing your fulfillment.

When is a good time to look into using a fulfillment company? Right now! Take time to consider these points and how they relate to your unique business. You may find the best time to begin using a fulfillment company is now. Launch Fulfillment is your choice for fulfillment companies in Utah.