Passageway in a huge distribution warehouse with high shelves. Bottom view.

Current statistics show that there are around 50 million packages delivered each day throughout the United States.  How often do you think, “oh I need this” and jump on your computer or smartphone and order that item on your Prime account or some other online E Commerce site?  That thought process is expected to become even more common place in the lives of consumers. It is estimated that over the next 6-7 years daily package deliveries will double.  That will become 100 million packages per day, that’s A LOT of fulfillment!

E Commerce companies are going to be the driving force of that growth.  Those same eCommerce companies also need to have the ability to store, package and ship their products to customers around the country and around the world.  This is where the rise of fulfillment centers or outsourced order fulfillment comes into play. Fulfillment centers can relieve the growing pains that come with quick company growth.  Trying to organize all the moving factors involved with getting your products delivered can hinder the progress of your company.

Launch Fulfillment offers the necessary services that a company needs as it’s trying to meet customer demand and company growth.  We offer a place to store your product, the people to pick and package your products and then ship them around the country to everyday consumers. Our goal is to partner with companies looking to be included in the growth of an added 50 million packages per day over the next several years. We have the capacity to handle more than just your fulfillment in Utah, we can service companies nationwide.  The demand is higher than ever now for fulfillment companies in Utah to service the E Commerce needs of the world.