Understanding Kitting Fulfillment Services

What it is? If it’s right for you? And how it can help your business?

Kitting fulfillment services are an important component of full-service e-commerce fulfillment firms. While kitting is familiar to many inside the business, few people outside of it know the breadth of tasks it involves or how frequently they encounter kitted items on a daily basis.

Defining Kitting

Kitting is the process of combining several items into a variety of bundles. The kits may include the components for goods that need to be put together by the customer:

  • Flat pack furniture such as bookshelves, tables and chairs
  • Toys
  • Stereo and computer components

Kitting is the process of packaging items for sale to consumers or for direct delivery to them by merchants.

Examples of items that went through a kitting service include:

  • Bundles of bars of soap and clothing 2-packs are examples of multi-packages
  • Walmart, for example, sells monthly food-only club packs that include larger quantities of groceries, such as rice, bread, snacks, and paper products
  • For example, larger toiletry containers with a travel size of a complimentary product attached “for free” are a type of promotion kit

Determining if Kitting Fulfillment Services is a Good Fit

Take some time to learn about kitting fulfillment services before determining whether they will help your firm.

Kitting firms acquire the items, including the main product and any optional pieces, or the content for a specific basket of goods. They then create the appropriate packaging and gather all of the required materials, such as cardboard and plastic wrap, including store aisle end caps and other retail display pieces.

To assure that all components of a kit are included in each order, any firm selling mix packs or ready-to-assemble goods must maintain strict quality standards and inspection procedures. nTo run an effective kitting setup, you’ll need:

  • Space for both inventory storage and assembly
  • A trained staff who can easily switch from kitting one product line to another
  • Access to packaging suppliers
  • Access to various forms of transportation

Many in-house kitting services fail to deliver outstanding results. Others recognize right away that outsourcing is the best option. Setting up a department to assemble kitting may be costly, and nothing assures that in-house kitting processing will be good enough.

How Kitting Helps Businesses Like Yours

Obtaining all of the required supplies will necessitate the need for warehouse space. Beyond offering kitting and assembly services, high-quality warehousing distribution services must provide secure, safe, and clean storage for all of the components. Then they must use cutting-edge inventory tracking and floor mapping to ensure that each component is retrievable as needed.

Your company’s primary goal is to generate money through earnings and minimal expenses. However, DIY will not save you money in this case. The various components of a high-quality kitting service are too pricey for most businesses to manage on their own. Outsourcing is an expense, but one that saves you money in the long run.

Using a kitting and fulfillment service saves you:

  • Leasing or purchasing warehouse space, then maintaining it, is expensive and time-consuming
  • The cost of acquiring warehouse management software to keep track of stock, order status, and item locations
  • The time and trouble of recruiting employees to handle unpredictable quantities of orders, not to mention instructing them.
  • Money and space because inventory is purchased only as needed
  • Your sanity because kits can be tailored to the needs of customers, resulting in reduced returns

Why choose a good Kitting Fulfillment Company

In the field of e-commerce, fulfillment providers must provide high-quality kit and assembly. Ask any small company that attempted to manage large-scale kitting in-house.

Kitting is a complicated and time-consuming process that may be handled by professionals. Money can be saved and more time devoted to other company activities by leaving kitting to specialists.