The Biggest Hidden Fulfillment Costs

There are a lot of little hidden costs that can make your fulfillment cost more and more. Things like incorrect fulfillment estimates creating billing surprises or shipping cost estimates that aren’t the same as real-world conditions. Things like comparing pricing for different service levels or unexpected penalties and management fees.

All of these can make or break the bank. Any one of those could seem like a little inconvenience but they will all just add up. Along with this there is one thing that trumps the rest. It includes all the smaller charges. Having fulfillment services that provide a poor experience will lead to costing more in the future.

If an amazing fulfillment company provides 10% better service leading to 5% more customer retention, the higher cost of the fulfillment company will offset the amount of money you will be putting towards fixing the issues a fulfillment company who provided 10% worse service.

At Launch Fulfillment, we have seen some of our clients’ businesses grow quite a bit after switching from a bad, full of error 3PL, to us, a better more reliable fulfillment company. They get the help and prices that might be a little too much sometimes, but they are well worth it. Its better to spend a little more now, and get great service, verses spending a lot more later trying to fix issues from the bad service you got earlier.

The positive impact that accurate fulfillment gives you and your business can be a little difficult to measure. But when choosing a 3PL, look for those hidden costs and understand what the value fulfillment, good fulfillment, will provide your business.

Launch Fulfillment puts time and energy into making sure our clients’ needs are met. And they are met in a timely and cost-effective way. Feel free to contact us to set up a meeting with our sales team!