If you outsource your distribution, warehousing, or fulfillment services to a third-party logistics (3PL) firm, you’re undoubtedly familiar with kitting services. For example, Launch Fulfillment offers a variety of pick and pack and kitting services. Kitting services can help you save money on shipping by increasing delivery speed and sales for your e-commerce business.


The process of making kitting, in a nutshell, entails combining various items into ready-to-ship containers.

Let’s suppose you run an online store that sells men’s grooming supplies and your most popular item is your beard wash. You’ve noticed, however, that purchasers of the beard wash also buy conditioning oil and a comb. You combine your three goods into a single shippable item with a distinct SKU. That’s known as kitting!

While the components of a kit are frequently produced by various vendors and must be put together, a 3PL service may combine them into prepackaged kits and deliver them to a distribution list for you.


Kitting has a number of advantages, including:

Lower costs: Outsourcing kitting means you won’t need to build warehouses, machinery, technology, or staff. On the other hand, whether you kit in-house or outsource it, there are significant financial benefits for sellers.

Kitting cuts down on shipping costs. Rather than sending three things separately, bundle and send them all in one box to save money. Kits also have a set weight, unlike random packages created from a variety of SKUs. Skipping the weighing process may both save time and money.

Faster assembly: Adding kitting services to your supply chain plan allows you to produce and deliver your items faster.

Kits are delivered in both pre-assembled and on-demand forms. Pre-assembled kits are built when the inventory arrives and then stored until order processing is complete. On-demand kits, on the other hand, are made as needed throughout the pick and pack process.

Increased Sales: Kits are more enticing to buyers, especially if you include complementary items and accessories. Plus, combining products and accessories that match makes it easier for your clients to make a buying decision.

Kits are popular presents. If you don’t provide them all year, consider providing holiday gift boxes. Consider offering value-added services like as gift wrapping and customizable kit options as additional incentives.


Kitting is a simple method to reduce costs, speed up order fulfillment, and boost sales. Inquire with your 3PL about how kitting might improve sales and warehouse efficiency. You’ll also want to know:

  • Is it possible to break up pre-assembled kits into individual components if they don’t sell?
  • Can your 3PL develop new kits with your in-stock components if they sell more than your individual items?
  • Is it true that your 3PL performs spot-checks on the kitting process to ensure kit accuracy and quality?

Launch Fulfillment’s kitting services team can help you plan, design, and execute the most unique unboxing experience imaginable.

The majority of our clients are small businesses that are looking to supply items such as: original packaging, apparel, luggage tags and stickers, candy bars and other chocolate products. We also offer large companies with corporate branding for their promotional needs. Please contact us to discover how we can develop customized solutions for your ecommerce firm.

This is a quick guide to the different kinds of assembly services available from some resellers. This article will showcase three assembling techniques that can help you save time and money while preserving high-quality products at the same time.