Simple Benefits of Kitting

Kitting is an operation that will not only help with sales but also with saving money on inventory storage. Companies can use kits for a couple different benefits and objectives. Whether you are trying to increase sales, avoid losses, get the ‘slow-moving’ products a little faster moving, or just to clear off shelves, there are a few benefits that kitting brings to your company. Here are a few simple benefits.

Increase Product Sales

Kitting is, first and foremost. a sales strategy. It can help you tackle your revenue in a couple different ways. Putting related items into a kit give the customers a way to get what they ordered plus a little extra. It’s a good deal to them and an upsell opportunity for you and your business.

Reduce Fulfillment Costs

The more boxes you send out the higher your shipping and fulfillment costs are going to be. If you create a kit that holds more than one SKU or item, shipping out your inventory will ultimately be cheaper. This can help you give your customers a discount while still generating more revenue because you don’t have to pay for a second shipping cost.

Reduce Fulfillment Risks

Having kitting be part of your fulfilment process can reduce risks. There is a risk to your products during the fulfillment process. Your products are handled a lot less when in transit when you put more products in fewer packages. Kitting with a professional 3PL like Launch Fulfillment will ensure that your kits packaging is tested. Launch Fulfillment wants the packaging to hold up in any kind of transit environment.

There are so many more benefits to kitting. Creating kits not only excites your customers but it also helps you get rid of old inventory, save on shipping, and reduce the risk of damage to your product. These benefits can all be used at either your in-house fulfillment or through a fulfillment center like Launch Fulfillment. We can help you with all your kitting needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.