Pre-Kitting: How To Create Product Kits For Your Business

Choose what products will go into your kit. Select which items will make up your product kit. You may either assemble a kit from existing items in your line or add new items to the mix specifically for this purpose. There are a variety of methods to do so, such as producing best-selling variants of a product or kits that are organized around a certain topic. It’s also beneficial to look at recent sales data to see if there are any ways to utilize product kits to increase the movement of slow-moving goods.

Set your packing plan. Once you’ve decided on the SKUs that will be included in your kit, you’ll need to make a packing blueprint for warehouse staff to follow while putting it together to guarantee uniformity and minimize mistakes. For example, you could consider packaging your product kit with branded materials or including inserts that describe the contents of your bundle.

Assigned your product kit(s) a unique SKU. It’s a good idea to use a distinct identifier, such as a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), rather than separate identifiers for individual products when tracking inventory and sales.

Decide whether your offering will use pre-kitting or on-demand kitting. The method used to communicate the details about a kit will be determined by whether you’re selling kits with a certain number of components, or kits that may be customized by your client. Non-customized kits should be pre-kitted since it saves time during delivery because kits are ready to ship.

Make sure that all necessary items are in the warehouse. If you’re utilizing one or more warehouses to fulfill orders for your kits, make sure that all of the components as well as any packaging supplies required to finish the packing process are in good supply.

Begin marketing your product kit. After your product kit is completed, it’s time to start informing consumers about it. It’s a good idea to promote your product kit on social media, in email blast-outs, and on the front page of your website to raise interest and boost sales. You should also consider offering a freebie on social media or collaborating with an influencer to create review content that helps to drive purchases.

How Whiplash supports product kitting

Do you want to include an intriguing product kit to your line? Whiplash is the ideal ecommerce fulfillment partner for end-to-end assistance with kitting and value-added services. Kitting and fulfillment become a snap with Whiplash’s best-in-class ecommerce technology and distribution network:

Kitting and fulfillment services

We can pre-assemble and store all of your kits in advance in your facility, allowing us to fulfill them more quickly. This makes it simple to manage complex kits such as subscription boxes or gift sets that need some extra storytelling in the form of custom packaging or free samples.

Whiplash Order Rules

Packing a kit for each of your product kits might be a time-consuming and complicated task. Your company may use the Whiplash platform to quickly create ‘Order Rules’ for particular SKUs that are triggered automatically when packing begins. Want to offer them a different sort of packaging or include a handwritten note in their purchase? For precise customization over the post-purchase experience, you may do this in minutes within your account.