Kitting Defined

Kitting is something that can help protect your business from multiple threats. You know that inventory that stays on the shelves and doesn’t sell? That inventory slowly eats your revenue little by little.  Your business can avoid that risk by using kitting operations to combine well-loved and slow-moving product, creating a great deal for your customers. Now lets define kitting.

Kitting is a way to add value that many 3PLs are adding to their list of services. There are many people that work at 3PLs that have the expertise to create and securely ship kits the best way possible. 3PLs also have the space to do so. Kitting can take up quite a bit of space. More and more eCommerce companies are looking into kitting to control inventory costs and have their sales opportunities expand.

The kitting operation that a 3PL performs includes everything within the kitting process and elements that support the process. This entire thing all starts with a discussion. When a company is interested in kitting a few products together, the 3PL and the company will talk about what to include within the kit, how the company wants the kit to be presented, and how the packaging can maintain branding and a positive customer experience.

Once the 3PL knows what is going into the kit and how the company wants them packaged, the 3PL will build a procedure for that specific kit assembly to ensure the process is designed to be fast while also making sure the goods are protected. The 3PL knows the goal is to ensure a better delivery experience.

Here at Launch Fulfillment, we have an entire section of our warehouse dedicated to kitting. Our team members over kitting know how to create and package kits to ensure they are delivered in perfect condition. Please reach out if you have any questions.