Shipping: How to Ship Fragile Items

Ecommerce used to be limited as to what can be shipped and how they were able to be shipped. Ecommerce has now grown to be able to ship many kinds of products. From things like furniture and mattresses to exercise equipment to even some of the most fragile items out there.

Now fragile can mean a couple different things. Your mind might go straight to ceramics and glassware. But fragile could be anything from electronics to musical instruments as well. Each kind of fragile product requires different kinds of protection while being shipped. Breakage and damage can really take away your profits. But there are some easy ways to keep your fragile products protected.

Best Practices for Shipping your Fragile Products

When shipping products that could easily be damaged or broken, it is very important to keep in mind not only the process of it all but also the materials you are using. Here are a few tips when shipping your fragile products to your customers.

The Box

The box is crucial to the protection of your product. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your box. First thing is to make sure the outer cardboard of the box is thick. Thick enough to protect the item. Even if the item is light, you might want to use a heavy box. This will add an extra layer of protection.

Next you want to be sure to choose the right-sized box. This box should be slightly larger than your product that you are sending. This leaves enough room for a layer of infill to protect the item even more. The best way to have the box and infill is stuffed enough so the product in the box doesn’t move around in the box while it is in transit.

There could also be an inner box that would help protect your product. This would be important for the high-value fragile items. An inner box that is tightly packed within the outer box that was also packed tightly will make sure to protect the product from impact, movement, and shaking.


Infill is material that is put into boxes to provide cushioning and prevents the item in the box from moving during shipping. You will need more protective infill the more delicate the item is. Things like shredded cardboard and kraft paper are the more environmentally friendly choices but they don’t usually provide enough protection for shipping fragile products. Air pockets, molded infill and bubble wrap are some great options for protection. Some by themselves and others can be put together for even more protection. Having the right infill can make or quite literally break the shipping of your product.

Seal the Box

Making sure your boxes are securely sealed with sturdy packing tape. You do not want your package to open while being shipped to have your product, fragile or not, fall out of the box.

Proper Labeling

Make sure you follow the labeling guidelines for fragile items. Each carrier has their own guidelines, be sure to understand the carrier’s that you use. These usually include “Fragile” stickers on more than one surface of the box. A “This way up” sticker will need to be on there as well if the box needs to be kept upright.


Here at Launch Fulfillment, we will ensure that your fragile products will be packed and delivered safely. We have you choose how you want your product to be shipping while also giving you insight to what we think will be best. We are here to get your products to your customers in one piece. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you want a free consultation.