How to Offer the Cheapest Overnight Shipping & Fastest Delivery to Customers

According to Arvato, 53 percent of customers consider delivery speed to be the most crucial element when it comes to ecommerce fulfillment. According to a survey, 24% of customers have abandoned an order due to delayed shipping.

Online customers have grown accustomed to receiving 2-day delivery services wherever and whenever they shop online thanks to Amazon Prime. How can ecommerce businesses differentiate themselves when 2-day shipping is the standard?

A faster delivery option that delivers a premium shipping experience to your customers so you can exceed their expectations (and help last-minute purchasers).

cheapest overnight shipping for e-commerce


The next-day delivery service offered by couriers that guarantee customers will have their purchase the next business day

Depending on the shipping carrier and delivery service, orders placed over the weekend, which is usually the off time, may need two days to arrive.

This is frequently understood to be next-day delivery or one-day shipping, but exact arrival dates are determined by when the order was placed.

Overnight shipping companies utilize transportation networks to provide a delivery service with such rapid transit times. The transportation network is generally spread out across the country, because customers may drop off their package and have it ready for early morning delivery. These express services are sometimes restricted to certain regions, such as rural areas where the transportation network is not readily accessible.

what is the cheapest overnight shipping?


The most cost-effective shipping methods are determined on a variety of criteria such as weight and size, delivery time frame, and distance. USPS will generally be the most inexpensive option for small packages (less than 2 pounds).

The most cost-effective option for any package that can fit into a Priority Mail Express Flat Rate envelope will be the aforementioned. UPS and FedEx will be the cheapest alternatives for packages weighing more than 70 pounds. Online merchants may negotiate reduced shipping charges by bargaining with carriers, or collaborating with retail fulfillment companies like Launch Fulfilment.

cheapest way to overnight a package


How much does it cost to overnight a package?

The short answer? It depends.


To calculate shipping expenses, most carriers utilize a pricing technique known as dimensional weight (often referred to as DIM weight). To compute shipping costs, the dimensions of a shipment are taken into account.

To calculate the dimensional weight, divide the length, width, and height of a package by a DIM divisor. The actual weight of a package or its DIM weight is used to determine shipping costs.


Lighter items cost less to transport than heavier things. As previously stated, if the actual weight of a package is greater than the DIM weight, it will be used to calculate shipping costs. The more substantial and larger the shipment, the more expensive it will be to send.


The distance between a package’s point of origin and its final destination is measured in shipping zones. Carriers use shipping zones to compute shipping costs. These can range from Zone 1 to Zone 8 in the United States.

When you create an account, Etsy determines your shipping zone based on where your purchases are sent from. This implies that two shipments with the same ultimate destination might be sent to different zones depending on their origin.

The more remote a location is from the sender, the higher its shipping cost will be. When it comes to overnight delivery, next-day shipping, and other accelerated delivery services, the price difference between zones grows dramatically.

who has the cheapest overnight shipping?


Carriers may provide you with discounted shipping rates if you qualify. Some transportation companies give small businesses discounts, while others reduce rates based on high delivery volumes. Check into whether any rate reductions are accessible to you when selecting which carrier(s) — or third-party service providers — to work with.

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