Custom packaging is often an afterthought when it comes to designing and marketing your product.  Rather than waiting until the last minute and using what is available via stock packaging items, you should consider designing your packaging along with your product and learning what cost effective options there are to help your customers have an experience when they receive your product.  There are several reasons to consider customized packaging when it comes to shipping your products. Let’s take a look at a few here.


Many companies have developed their packaging to create an experience when their customer receives their product.  Some would call it the unboxing experience. You may have seen some Youtube videos centered around these unboxing experiences.  You are in control when it comes to creating this experience and it can start with the look of the box that ends up on the customer’s doorstep.  Let’s look at distinguishing your customer’s unboxing experience from the traditional brown corrugated box.


Lot’s of companies, including fulfillment companies, use standard shipping boxes that come in premade sizes.  Those standard shipping cartons may not be most efficient for your product because there is extra unused space in the box.  Custom packaging allows you to build the shipping materials around your product and eliminate that unused space that could cost you extra on your shipping rates.  Along with space eliminate, you can build your packaging to effectively protect your product from damage or breakage while shipping. Less returns means more money in your pocket.


Customized packaging allows you as the product owner to put your name on not only your product, but you product packaging also.  As your product travels to the customer many eyes are going to see the name on the outside of your packaging and build interest among potential customers.  That sounds like basically free marketing to me. When a customer receives your product the first thing they will see is the branding on your custom packaging also.  Customized packaging can represent a quality product. It shows that you as a company value your product and appreciate the familiarity with your brand.


Let’s face it, there are a lot of products out there in the world today.  Why not take a look at some options to distinguish your brand and products from all the others.  Customized packaging can offer the distinguishing factor to give your brand that extra pop!

Launch Fulfillment is different from other fulfillment companies in Utah because we have many years of packaging experience.  Along with fulfillment services we offer packaging consultation, sourcing, and storage to help you have that x factor to set your product experience apart from the rest.  Let us help you create some awesome packaging for your unique product(s).