How Does 2-Day Shipping Work, and Why Should You Accept It?

Customers nowadays desire the ease of purchasing online while also receiving their purchases quickly. It’s easy to understand why consumers might be hesitant about sending their money away for unproven and unverified services. Some of the world’s largest ecommerce industries, like Amazon and Walmart, have established the standard by providing two-day and even same-day delivery options to their customers.

As a small business, you run the danger of losing your consumers if you can’t guarantee them expedited delivery of their orders. According to a 2016 survey, 26% of online customers abandon their carts because of delayed delivery, and 53% think the time it takes for an item to arrive is important when deciding whether or not to purchase.

The most intriguing aspect of the mystery is that customers desire quick delivery, yet they also want free deliveries, with 75% of American consumers wanting free shipping. The main issue is whether little businesses can compete with giants, given their lower order volume and lack of fulfillment infrastructure.

The truth is that there’s no simple solution. However, we can tell you that it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. We’ve compiled a list of the most vital things to know about two-day delivery and how to provide it to your consumers in this article.

What is 2-day shipping?

Two-day delivery is the practice of delivering online purchases to customers in two days after making the purchase. With online purchasers getting more impatient every day, offering two-day shipment has become a standard component of any successful ecommerce strategy.

How does 2-day shipping work?

Two-day delivery may be as little as two business days or two whole days, depending on the seller. And the clock can begin ticking from either the order cut-off time or the checkout time.

Walmart, for example, utilizes a two-day business process and an order cut-off time approach. So, if a buyer places an order after Friday’s cutoff time, they can anticipate receiving their merchandise by the following Tuesday since Saturdays and Sundays are not regarded days of trade. Some businesses, on the other hand, start keeping track of the days once the order is packed, regardless of whether it’s a business day or not.

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Air shipping

Using an airplane or a jet to fly items from the warehouse or fulfillment center to the customer is known as air transportation. Amazon delivers to a variety of countries, and the freight costs are determined by your destination. Air shipment is typically costly, making it difficult to provide free two-day delivery to clients.

Ground shipping

Shipment is delivered by truck, van, or automobile from the fulfillment center to the customer’s door. You may utilize your delivery vehicles or use an external shipping provider, depending on how you want to handle logistics. Without eating too deeply into your bottom line, you may provide free two-day delivery by utilizing freight services like UPS or FedEx Ground. This is easily the most cost-effective delivery method, and you can do it without sacrificing much of your profit margin.

Unfortunately, this technique can’t be used to deliver items to locations that are distant from your fulfillment centers. If you don’t have fulfillment centers located throughout your country, delivering goods in two days via ground shipping is close to impossible.

How 2-day shipping grows ecommerce businesses

According to a recent EtailInsights study, there are currently 2.1 million internet retailers in the United States alone, with that figure expected to rise in the future. In fact, this statistic suggests that ecommerce firms are as competitive as brick-and-mortar stores, if not more so. As a business owner, you’ll need to stay on top of your game if you want to succeed in the industry. Here are some ways two-day shipping may help your ecommerce operation grow.

Keep up with shoppers’ expectations

On average, consumers consider three days as a reasonable waiting period for an order. Customers will generally abandon you for those that provide faster delivery if your delivery time is more than three days. If you offer two-day shipping, however, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your customers and growing your client base.

Improve conversion rates and make more sales

If you offer delivery within one to four weeks, your advertisements will be more attention-grabbing. You may use tags and banners to enhance the conversion rate of all your advertising, including emails, sponsored posts, and social media postings. Get ready for a significant boost in conversions and income when you do this.

Better retention rates

Customers who receive their purchases on time are more inclined to make a repeat purchase. In addition, you may offer 2-day delivery as part of a paid membership program like Amazon Prime to offset the expenses associated with faster deliveries.

Stop losing sales to Amazon

Amazon’s key selling points are expedited shipping and free two-day delivery. Many internet consumers now consider Amazon’s free two-day shipping to be the norm. According to Metapack’s data, 27% of customers will select the store with the best delivery choice. Unless you’re selling an unique item, you’ll likely lose your clients to ecommerce behemoths if you can’t offer them with comparable delivery time.