How a 3PL Can Help with Kitting

Kitting is something that can be a very effective way to improve your inventory usage. Kitting is when a company includes more than one SKU into one KIT. This is a way to add slow moving inventory into a kit with fast moving inventory to get that inventory that has been in the warehouse for far too long out the door. Creating kits are so beneficial for your business. Having a 3PL on your side through the creation and the execution will be vital to your business and your inventory cost.

Having your third-party logistics company take care of your inventory and kitting will help you have the time to look at your sales, your inventory, and your storage and create those kits that the 3PL then creates and sends them out to your customers. This will improve your fulfillment strategy and be able to streamline operations and sales while controlling costs and avoiding the long-term storage fees. Kitting can help you get rid of a couple different risks. Looking at your SKUs and sales and creating the proper kit response makes it so much easier to address every customer preference, even the uncertain ones.

Launch Fulfillment offers fulfillment services that are customized to your company specifically. Our team is here to help you through creating a fulfillment plan starting at storage and packing all the way to carrier selection and returns management. The services we offer are designed to make your fulfillment into an advantage. It all starts with a message. Contact us if you have any questions or would just like to hear your options within our company. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your company thrive with not just kits but every order that is sent out. Let Launch be your Third-Party Logistics partner!