Guide to Packaging

Having good packaging has two very good purposes. Packaging, of course, keeps your product safe throughout transit. It also can make the customer experience something that your customers will enjoy and feel more inclined to order from you again. Creating a branded stylish package to send your products in sets you apart from the competition.

If you are just getting started or wanting to shake things up a bit, here is a guide that will help you in your packaging journey.


There are products that aren’t high maintenance. Cardboard boxes are a shipping staple. Not only can they come in any shape or size, but they are also widely available, can manage a multitude of situations, easy to store, and can hold up through the delivery process. Adding some kraft paper or packing peanuts offers even more protection through the package’s transit.

Fragile Items

Packaging fragile items can be a little harder. You need to make sure your packaging creates a secure, confined space so the contents inside done break or get tangled when the box moves during transit. With that, there is a quick good fix. Things like bubble mailers and bubble wrap with help protect the items in your package.

Unforgettable Experience

Now in order to WOW your customers, having packaging that stands out will help you gain and keep your customers. Custom packaging boosts brand loyalty and encourages people to share your product, not only in person but also on social media. I call that free advertising!

Things like promotional inserts, stickers, or color-coordinated cloth with help your customers enjoy not only your product but also the unboxing of your product. Even little things like custom tape or gift messaging can help your customers enjoy the unboxing even more.

Here at Launch Fulfillment, we offer the custom packaging. We are accommodating to how ever you want to package your products. We are here to help you build and keep your brand’s essence.