Elements Of The Supply Chain That Can Benefit From More Visibility

Increased supply chain visibility may benefit almost every component of the it, but certain components are more positively impacted than others.

Order tracking

It’s getting easier than ever to follow orders from beginning to end, even for both you and your customers’ benefit as supply chain visibility improves.

On the commercial side, end-to-end supply chain monitoring allows you to more accurately predict delivery and transit times, lowering the risk of an order being lost. In addition, real-time order tracking, filtering by status, searching for particular orders, and modifying shipping information on the move are all possible with the correct SCV software.

A robust  management system, for example, may increase customer service and improve client satisfaction by providing more accurate delivery time estimates. In addition, effective SCV software allows firms to provide tracking numbers and periodic updates to customers.

Inventory management

Despite the fact that dynamic inventory management has been here for quite some time, many ecommerce firms still use haphazard inventory receiving processes, manual stock counts, and inventory audits.

Improved supply chain visibility challenges companies to overcome these outdated practices and embrace new, easier, and more effective inventory management techniques.

Many organizations use inventory management software (IMS) to provide real-time stock counts across locations and sales channels in order to boost supply chain visibility. This level of visibility prevents miscounts, allows you to execute replenishment correctly, and keeps you from overstocking.

When the SCV level is high, inventory audits are also much simpler and faster to complete. Because you are already aware of which SKUs and/or units are approaching expiration or becoming obsolete, you can find and remove them first to save money on storage fees.

When your business expands, updating your inventory management techniques for visibility becomes even more crucial. You’ll be able to manage operations at every location in your supply chain network effectively, have a complete view of your whole supply chain and inventory, and propel your business toward exponential efficiency when you have a high degree of SCV.


Procurement may be the most financially intensive aspect of the supply chain, but by enhancing its transparency, you may actually save money.

SCV is a unique solution that provides visibility into where your inbound expenses originate and how supply chain partners are performing, allowing you to keep them accountable.

Switching to one that can provide you with the capacity to discover areas where spend may be reduced if your manufacturer, supplier, or vendor is unable to supply transparency into the sector that they manage.

The more you can increase your SCV, the better your production lead times and inventory management will be. Read more about 3PL fulfillment service provider.