Building a Relationship with Your 3PL

Having a good relationship with your 3PL is so important. Having a good line of communication is key to having a successful relationship with the company you are partnering with. Yes, just like every relationship, it is not all rainbows and sunshine. There will be ups and downs throughout your partnership but knowing that there is a mutual respect for one another can change it all. Here are a few tips to help you gain and maintain a good partnership with your 3PL.


Before deciding on a third-party logistics company, you should definitely do your research on the ones you are considering. You will need to make sure you know and understand things like what services they offer, the technology they use and how it integrates into yours, where they are located, and their experience and reputation that they have for

Be Realistic

Make sure when you make the switch to a 3PL that you have informed them on where your company is. If they aren’t sure how many orders you will need out or how big you are, they might not be able to give you the service that you truly need and deserve.

Set Clear Expectations

You wont be able to hit your targets or goals when there is a fog surrounding you. No one is a mind reader. Make sure that it is totally clear what your responsibilities will be in the partnership and what the 3PL’s responsibilities will be. Making that clear will save so many headaches in the future!

Communicate Clearly and Often

Talking to your rep at the 3PL is NEEDED! Unless you are constantly sending over unnecessary information, please send over all of the juicy stuff. New SKU? Talk to them. More orders than usual? Talk to them. Saw a cute puppy that day? Talk to them! The more the communication the better!