9 green shipping best practices for ecommerce

Taking a stand on environmental responsibility by adopting green shipping practices and updating your ecommerce firm’s business model are no longer optional for attracting today’s consumer. In fact, according to a recent poll:

  • 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports environmental issues.
  • 92% will be more likely to trust a company that supports environmental issues.

It may seem daunting to compete with big businesses like Amazon to be more sustainable as a small or mid-sized company. A third-party logistics (3PL) firm, such as Launch Fulfilment, can assist you in providing methods and procedures that will result in environmental and operational efficiency.

Some businesses have been known to get quite inventive when it comes to finding eco-friendly shipping procedures and other environmental initiatives, but here are nine methods you may decrease your online store’s carbon footprint:

1. Opt for eco-friendly packaging

Packaging is required for shipments to be delivered safely and intact. Packaging, like as plastic bags and bubble wrap, has the potential to generate a lot of waste in retailing.

Fortunately, there are eco-friendly alternatives that allow you to make more informed and sustainable decisions that are beneficial for the environment. Choose environmentally friendly packaging and shipping materials like compostable mailer bags and biodegradable packing peanuts to keep your carbon emissions as low as possible.

When you ship your items using environmentally friendly packaging, you minimize the environmental effect by utilizing eco-friendly materials such as boxes, mailers, and other supplies.

2. Offer customers the option to offset carbon during checkout

Carbon offsetting is the practice of paying someone else to prevent the harmful effects of a particular carbon-emitting activity by funding projects and enterprises that absorb emissions, give back to severely impacted communities, and even lower future emissions.

The likelihood of a company being able to completely eliminate specific carbon emissions activities is low. Carbon offsetting recognizes this and allows you to reduce the consequences of those emissions while still assisting in the creation of a more sustainable future.

To assist merchants offer carbon discounts for their clients, for all shipments carried out through Launch Fulfilment, Pachama, a technology firm on a mission to restore nature to address climate change, has partnered with Launch Fulfilment.

Customers of Launch Fulfilment can now easily offset carbon emissions from deliveries fulfilled by Launch Fulfilment’s fulfillment centers using AI. Pachama calculates monthly shipping emissions, allows for the quick purchase of carbon credits, and provides companies with methods to spread their sustainability efforts through the connection.

The Launch Fulfilment customer’s carbon offset may be achieved by investing in Pachama’s verified forest projects from the North Atlantic coast of the United States to the Amazon rainforest, according to Re:COVID-19.

3. Reduce your packaging size for green shipping

Reduce the box size and packing materials to optimize your shipments. (As long as it’s not too tight and can harm your items,

Not only does this cut costs and weight, but it also aids in reduction of waste. Companies make this mistake because they are unaware that a tiny item should not be packed in a large box.

4. Offer a green shipping returns program for your products

Reduce your carbon footprint by encouraging customers to return items in a more environmentally friendly way. Offering a more ecologically responsible returns process for your goods is a win-win situation for both you and the consumer.

For example, partnering with Happy Returns allows brands to use 700 Return Bars in the United States without having to invest in any new packaging. We’re also proud of our partnership with GiveNKind, a nonprofit organization that collects usable items from businesses who wish to donate their stuff and distributes them free of charge to local nonprofits.

5. Implement compostable mailers

Compostable mailers are a fantastic choice for ecommerce retailers who want to make their operations more environmentally friendly. You may also use your company’s logo to create a unique unpacking experience for your clients!

Recycled plastics are used to create these mailers, which match the ecommerce industry’s commitment to sustainability. There is also a second adhesive strip so the mailer may be reused again.

Boie is a green company that teamed up with Noissue because of the connection. Boie is committed to making the world a better place through its commercial practices in ecommerce and beyond.

6. Push ground-based shipping when possible

You can use data to reduce the number of days it takes you to deliver. You may be able to cut down your shipping zones by being in fulfillment centers near your consumers and avoiding the average shipping zones you travel. Reduce the number of transportation routes between your company and its clients by T

7. Ship a package in the box itself for green shipping

Have you ever had a delivery come in its actual box rather than a simple brown box?

The shipper didn’t forget to include the item in a box; this was done on purpose to reduce carbon foot print.

The term “ships in own container” is used to describe this shipping approach (SIOC). Without the need for an overbox, a product ordered using a form of product packaging known as “ships in own container” is sent directly to the client.

Product packaging made utilizing this method has the advantage of being more environmentally responsible, as well as lowering costs and improving the customer experience.

8. Encourage customers to reuse and recycle packaging

Packing materials are environmentally beneficial because they may be reused many times over. Establishing open communication with your consumers about how they may repurpose packaging supplies for their personal shipping is a smart move that will empower them to contribute to environmental conservation.

Encourage your consumers to recycle or give them instructions on how to ensure materials degrade appropriately, especially during the holidays.

9. Distribute your inventory with a tech-enabled 3PL

When you distribute your inventory, you must have multiple warehouses scattered throughout the country so that when an order is placed on your store, the distribution center nearest to that consumer will immediately fulfill the purchase.

You may minimize the length of your delivery route by using a 3PL that is technically advanced, such as Launch Fulfilment. You can ship your items the smallest distance feasible, saving time and money on long routes.

Launch Fulfilment’s technology-enabled approach even aids in maintaining adequate goods on hand across locations using inventory management tools. This helps prevent the necessity to ship various items from various logistics centers, resulting in full shipments instead of split shipments (also known as partial shipments).