The rise of online and ecommerce business has drastically changed the way people are buying and selling products these days.  How many of us instead of running to a local store now search for that item online before we leave the house? Sometimes we purchase the item without ever leaving our couch or dining room table.  This can make life super easy for the consumer, but at the same time more difficult for the companies selling their products. Logistics now come into play a lot more than they have in the past.

We started Launch Fulfillment to help bridge the gap between the old way and the new.  With backgrounds in packaging, manufacturing, and shipping the founders came together to create a valuable resource for clients. Having experience in these fields allows us to help our clients accelerate their growth and offload some of the day-to-day activities so they can focus on sales and marketing.  Launch Fulfillment operates as a full service 3rd party logistics company including services such as order pick, pack and shipment, pallet storage, warehouse/inventory management, pallet shipping and distribution, kitting, packaging supplies, and a network of valuable partnerships.

Our WMS software (warehouse management system) allows us to receive, store, and ship your inventory with real time tracking so you know exactly how many units of each product you have.  We can connect with many standard online shopping carts with a simple plugin as well as many other online selling platforms. Each customer has their own personal login to the OMS (order management system) where current inventory levels and orders are managed.  Clients can also place orders and reorder inventory in this same portal. The cloud based software makes it easy for customers to keep tabs on their business trends and make valuable decisions for future trajectory.

If you’re a new company or a well established business, we can help and want to see your success increase as a result of the partnership we build.  We know there are many great brands and companies, and we want to be an integral part of your success by helping you get your products in the hands of your customers.  Eliminating the need to develop your own logistics department, including employees and a warehouse, can save you money and many headaches. We have a vision of creating valuable and long lasting relationships with our clients and want to see your success.

Launch Fulfillment wants to be more than just one of your average fulfillment companies in Utah.  We want to build a network of quality partnerships that can benefit you as our customer.  Whether you are looking to create new custom packaging or build a new business from the ground up, we are here to help move you in the right direction.