What Is Dunnage and Why Do I Need It?

What is Dunnage?

Dunnage is the material that is used to protect products and packages when being shipped. Dunnage can be made from a lot of different things that all have different uses. It can be everything from plastic inserts inside the product’s packaging, to the filler you put around the product in the shipping box or poly bag, to even the material used for larger loads and cargo. Dunnage is involved in every package sent. No matter how little or big the product is, it needs to be protected. Having the right dunnage and utilizing it correctly can help you save money and product. There are so many benefits and savings to using dunnage. 

3 Benefits of Dunnage

Protecting Your Products

The primary use for dunnage is to protect the products that are being shipped. Whether they are being sent out or you are receiving them, dunnage has a huge part of the packaging. As the products are loaded on trucks, they are stacked, tossed around, and much more. There is a very big change of the products getting damaged.

Dunnage is the way to limit the damage. It provides shock absorption, increasing the bulk around the product to help absorb any impact or weight, limit moisture, and make sure the product stays in place as the package is moved around. The correct dunnage will protect your product no matter the circumstances.

Protecting Your Revenue

Limiting to your products can help you keep more revenue. It is very cheap and when chosen correctly can give you security. When the product, have it be a glass bottle or a stuffed animal, arrives to the customer in one piece, the customer will be happier with the service and will be more likely to order from you again. If the product arrives to the customer broken, you will have to pay for the return and replacement or refund the cover, leaving you with less money than before. Having the correct dunnage for your product helps reduce additional and after-sale costs.

Reducing Labor Costs

Having a specific process for dunnage while packing can help keep things moving and reduce the labor costs of packing. If your team has everything down for what dunnage to use for each product, you can definitely speed up your packing process. This will move more orders out the door every day. Having all of this down will allow the packing stations to be more efficient.


Having the right dunnage will help keep your products protected. This will keep your customers happy as well as save you money. If you choose to use a 3PL to fulfill your orders, they can help you understand what you need and will make sure to implement the dunnage while they pack your orders. Feel free to contact us here at Launch Fulfillment for any questions you may have.