What Does Backordered Mean?

What goes through your head when you see that your favorite lotion is backordered? Do you not even worry about it or do you fight for your favorite lotion? To understand backordered items, you need to understand the difference between an out-of-stock item and a backordered item.

The difference between out-of-stock and backordered

Out-of-stock means that the business does not have any more of that item currently available and the manufacturer does not know when they will be resupplying the item. A Backordered product is an item that is not in stock now but is still able to be ordered because an already-ordered supply refresh arrives.

Now on the front end of the business, when the item is out of stock, you cannot order it. When a product is backordered, customers can order the item, knowing that the product will not being shipping to them right away. Vendors will leave a note on the product letting the customers know the status of the item. They can also let the customer know when they can expect to have the item shipped to them.

On the back end, having those different types of products, ones that can be backordered and ones that can’t, could be stocked right next to each other. Anytime you have these two different items, you need to have software that can tell the difference between backorder-able items and out of stock items. Having software that can automate this process can help a ton.

Launch Fulfillment Can Help

The system we use here at Launch Fulfillment will make sure to hold the orders that have backordered items in them. There are also so many was to take care of a backordered item. We have options that our clients can go through and pick what way we go in regard to backordered items. We are just an extension of your business. Here at launch we are here to make your job easier with the system we use and the processes we have in our warehouse.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out! We would be more than happy to help answer and questions you have.