The Benefits of Kitting

Increase convenience and value for your customers

In one session, customers will frequently purchase a variety of goods. When a customer goes to a cosmetics site and searches for a new foundation, they’ll also want the same concealer in the same color. Consumers who are seeking for a new razor will gladly put a box of replacement blades in their cart to avoid having to restock them later.

kitting these complimentary items together saves consumers time by avoiding them from having to search your shop for a compatible counterpart product. Product kitting saves valuable shopping time while also boosting the chances of impulse buys because it makes adding an all-in-one kit to the cart convenient.

More product listings mean more sales 

Creating product kits out of existing SKUs is a simple method to increase the number of options available to potential buyers, especially on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy. More listings mean a higher chance of showing up in search results, where high-intent customers start their buying journey. In an overcrowded market where the same product may be obtained from numerous sellers, product kitting is critical for increasing sales and providing a distinct selling point.

Avoid excess inventory and dead stock

At different times, all businesses will face with excess inventory. It’s tough to avoid overstock without risking not having enough stock to satisfy consumer demand during peak season when sales are slow.

Kitting goods is a fantastic method to repurpose low-selling inventory by mixing it with more popular items from the same category. The kitting process allows companies to construct a new value proposition for underperforming SKUs, whether it’s due to external factors (e.g., supply chain disruptions) or inaccurate demand predictions.

Reduced shipping and packaging costs

The difficulty of standardizing order fulfillment charges is one of the most prevalent causes of shipping and packaging costs going out of control. When consumers make multi-item purchases, they may utilize an infinite variety of options to assemble their products. Warehouses can’t possibly have a tailored plan for each variation when a product catalog has tens of thousands of SKUs.

Kitting solutions allow warehouses to build an order fulfillment plan and packing regulations for each set that maximizes cost savings and efficiency. A product kit, for example, may be sent in a single box specifically tailored for this purpose rather than being divided into multiple shipments that significantly raise the cost of fulfillment and transportation. 

Faster, error-free fulfillment

Product kits can be pre-kitted by the warehouse. i.e. goods may be picked and packed ahead of time before a purchase is made. When products are initially delivered from the manufacturer or wholesaler, completing the kitting process saves time and avoids errors throughout the delivery process. The only thing required of warehouse staff is to pick up the completed kit from the designated area and deliver it straight to the shipping dock for marking. This prevents the time delays that can occur throughout the picking and packing process, ensuring fast delivery and increased client satisfaction.

More opportunities to enhance the post-purchase experience

Kits are often offered as gifts or limited-edition collections to increase buyer interest and urgency to buy, and customers will consider the highest. Inclusions such as promotional packaging, free samples, or unique inserts are all significant parts of the kitting assembly process that help to distinguish product kits from other items. Pre-assembling product kits and making bespoke packing strategies allows firms to offer memorable unpacking experiences while still expediting the timeline to delivery.