Kitting services efficiently automate manufacturing, production, and distribution! We package kits swiftly and deliver manufacturer’s goods and parts to increase accuracy and earnings on production lines and warehouses.

Kitting, assembly, and fulfillment are all time-consuming, unproductive activities that take up unnecessary room. Don’t squander your resources – outsource kitting, construction, and delivery to Supply Source Options!

S2O is the solution to kitting and assembly outsourcing, with outstanding scaling capabilities (even on a weekly basis) based on changing needs, software that provides complete inventory transparency for you, and our distinctive “all-in” pricing approach.


  • Create component sets for easy assembly
  • Kits of accessories make it easier to fulfill your obligations.
  • To improve accuracy and efficiency,
  • Barcodes may be used to create label tags that retain information about a product’s origin and other essential characteristics.
  • We’ll work with you to create highly efficient packaging.
  • Before kitting, inspect and sort components for conformity.

To improve your production and manufacturing processes, trust on S2O to help you out!


We specialize in developing “kitted inventory” inventory sets of components and parts to help manufacture and assembly go more smoothly.

For years, our experienced team has worked with a wide range of sectors, including automobile and furniture manufacturing. Working together with nearly every sort of manufacturer can help you simplify the entire pre-production procedure.

Rely on Supply Source Solutions for kitting services, as well as sub-assembly, sorting, sequencing, and a variety of third-party logistics and Just-In-Time inventory solutions. Our enormous plant in Holland, Michigan can handle any size project.

If you’re willing to invest in the gear and have your own molds, kits are a wonderful way to save money. Kitting services work best when a certain number of components is specified ahead of time – talk with us to see if kitting is appropriate for your product and how we may make it most effective.


We use decades of expertise and a large arsenal of tools to deliver unique solutions that help your company succeed!

Supply Source Options solves manufacturing challenges by providing solutions for manufacturers, from our on-site 3D printer to our capability to create tools and develop proprietary technology options.

We develop bespoke systems that increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing employment. S2O offers foolproof methods for ensuring that projects are completed on time, every time, from barcode scanner systems to tracking software.

With access to our proprietary software, you’ll be able to see everything that happens during the kitting process, from start to finish, and get complete transparency 24 hours a day, seven days a week! You’ll have complete access to the same data we do and can ensure that your kits are assembled on time, from component inventory through daily kit assembly volume and number of stored kits.

For example, if your goal is to increase online sales, we’ll be happy to talk about the difficulties you’re having and work with you to find answers that create win-win situations!