How to Pick the Right Warehouse Location

Picking a warehouse is one of the most important decisions. Whether you are building a warehouse, leasing a location, or outsourcing to a third party, the location of your warehouse has an impact on your business that effects the cost of all your operations.

If you choose a poor location for the fulfillment of your products, it can get expensive pretty fast. This can cause it to be hard to find and hire staff as well as cause you to not come through on delivery-speed promised to customers. Picking a warehouse needs to be taken just as seriously as any other promise or product in your lineup.

Be sure to do your homework when finding the right place. Compare all of the possibilities to make sure you have the right place for your needs and business requirements. Choosing a warehouse location can be the best or the worst decision made by your company. We need to make sure we know how to make the right decision to make it the best decision you make all year.

Why is the Location of a Warehouse so Important?

The location of your fulfilment location and your business speed go hand in hand. The location can impact almost every supply chain activity a business has. Where your warehouse is located can impact things like how quickly your products get to you from the manufacturer you choose. As well as how fast and easy your picking process is. Then effecting the space and speed of packing the orders you just picked. There are so many operations that just the location of your warehouse impacts. This includes how effectively you can prep orders for the shipping carriers to pick up and the ability of your team to do all of this safely and how much it will cost during each step.

Not only does your warehouse need to be large enough for all of the activities but it should be located in a good area where you can keep both your suppliers and your customers close. If those things are taken care of and you feel it is the best size and location, for your product and customers, every other issue you might run into can be fixed pretty easily. You can hire more people, change carriers, get new equipment, or upgrade to the newest software. If you have a good and set warehouse location, your business can thrive and scale to great heights.

If you are not looking for your own warehouse but are looking for a third-party logistics company to help you with inventory storage as well as fulfillment processes, be sure to contact us here at Launch Fulfillment. We have multiple warehouses and can help you keep your inventory stored as well as fulfilled.