How Quick Shipping May Influence Customer Acquisition

In a fast-paced eCommerce industry, acquiring new consumers is an essential competitive advantage.Shoppers can compare prices and save money by doing their own research on the internet. With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when attempting to make a decision about what you need or what your budget allows. This is a fantastic situation for the client, but it makes competing as a merchant nearly impossible. Shoppers’ purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by how soon an item will arrive at their home. In fact, when it comes to shipping times, 87 percent of online buyers say they factor them into their purchase decisions. Your team may increase your client base and provide a positive experience by prioritizing quick delivery. 

Customer expectations drive the need for fast shipping options

Finally, regardless of how your employees feel about the speed of your service compared to others, it is the customer’s demands that will ultimately decide whether or not your shipping choices are fast enough. With the ease of online purchasing comes the expectation that goods will be delivered in a day (or sometimes even hours). Buyers are not only accustomed to receiving their products on time from well-known marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, but also from DTC firms of all sizes.

Convenience is what draws consumers to buy nearly everything online. Aside from not having to go to a physical store, online customers place a high value on the time it takes for an item to arrive. As much as a consumer enjoys a good bargain, they also appreciate the speed with which they may get the product. It’s what keeps internet buyers coming back to their device instead of going out to a physical store. The thrill of the chase—for a great price, delivered on schedule.

Fast Shipping keeps your brand relevant

As the barrier to entry for internet merchants grows lower, competition is heating up. Consumers are bombarded with alternatives when it comes to where to buy online. If your company cannot provide quick delivery, it will be quickly replaced by one that can.

Use fast shipping programs to ensure that your items arrive on time, then let potential customers know about your abilities. By highlighting your product as one that can be delivered with same-day, next-day, or two-day delivery choices, you may attract a possible consumer by drawing attention to it. The following is an example from a Deliverr client called Realm Concept Market, which uses the Deliverr Fast Tags:

By including this element in your content, you may distinguish yourself from the competition by demonstrating how quickly you can complete sales. By displaying estimated arrival dates, customers can see whether they have time to order before a purchase is complete. It makes the decision simple since customers may check out if they have time to buy before adding an item to their shopping basket. To attract new consumers,

CPAs decrease for merchants

Let’s look at how your marketing staff is using their advertising budgets. By including rapid shipping alternatives to your campaigns, more sales are generated as customers are directed straight to your landing page from the delivery tag. When you can guarantee fast delivery, your ad spend goes down. Businesses may use their fast shipping capabilities to improve their conversion rates.

By lowering delivery times, you can enhance your bottom line by increasing sales. By displaying delivery fast shipping badges on Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads, you make your product listings more visible while also boosting the likelihood of a browsing shopper becoming a buyer. As conversions increase, your CPA decreases—allowing you to reallocate funds in your budget for other areas to grow your brand. 

Results in a positive customer shopping experience

When connecting with new consumers, demonstrating your commitment to fulfilling potential buyers’ expectations is crucial. Even if expedited options cost more, offering them demonstrates that you can meet customers’ demands. When a client sees good testimonials and high ratings on your website, they know your company values the customer experience.

It’s also worth noting that expedited delivery options appeal to a younger generation of customers who have never had to wait weeks for a product. Consumers define the pace of delivery, and there is a generation of buyers who have never known a world without Amazon’s lightning speeds (we’re talking about you, Generation Z). Consider partnering with a third-party logistics provider to give your customers choices when it comes to delivery speeds in order to remain competitive.

How can your business take advantage of fast shipping?

It’s no longer a question of whether or not providing quick shipping would be beneficial to your company in today’s climate. Customers demand same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery of their purchases. Beyond that, you risk losing a client if they do not receive their purchase within the time period you specified. So, how can you make fast delivery a reality for your firm?

When requesting quick delivery, it’s critical to be able to guarantee arrival dates. In order to do that, partner with a 3PL that can take the strain out of fast delivery. Deliver may assist your team keep its promise of rapid delivery by providing optimized warehouse networks that localize your inventory. Furthermore, according to a recent study, merchants who use Fast Tags see an average increase in sales of 34%.

When your brand offers same-day, next-day, and two-day shipping guarantees, you provide the customer with an incentive to buy from you. Combine this with great client service and your staff can turn a recent buyer into a returning customer.

Final Thoughts

Faster delivery speeds can make a significant impact on new consumer acquisition. Even with outstanding items, companies must compete with the demand for speed when it comes to delivery. You should consider how you can provide fast shipping options to encourage customers to shop with your company rather than a competitor. It’s up to your marketing team to ensure that this is a major element of your advertising when you’re sure that you can deliver on time.

Investing in fast delivery tags and badges is a fantastic approach to promote your shipping services while also keeping customers interested with your brand. The greater exposure provided by advertising increases clicks, conversions, and CPAs, making it an obvious and profitable next step for your firm. Don’t underestimate the importance of quick delivery in increasing your client base.