Common Outsourcing and Fulfillment Myths

There are a lot of tough parts of outsourcing and fulfillment to tackle. There are some misconceptions, or fulfillment myths, that travel fast throughout the eCommerce universe. Then you are left with a confusing and incomplete view of what it all means. Here are a few of those misconceptions and how we can debunk some of these fulfillment myths.

Not Worth the Hassle

After all you have done to create your business and your product, from marketing to product development, fulfilling your orders seems like an afterthought. Fulfillment is so important even though it’s not the most glamorous part of running a business.  Regardless of how you fulfill your orders, having a solid strategy for order fulfillment is the true backbone of your business.

Customers Will Know I’m Using a 3PL

Your customers will have zero reason to suspect you are outsourcing, unless you tell them. This fact is even more so if you invest in a customized unboxing experience. They will be do distracted by the unboxing and how much they love the product inside; they won’t even think about fulfillment or even know what it is.

I Have Too Complicated of a Fulfillment Strategy For a 3PL

It does not matter how complicated your strategy is, a well-seasoned logistics company will be ale to integrate and scale your processes seamlessly. Also, if you include professionals in your processes, they will be able to give you pointers on if they see a crack in your existing foundation.

The 3PL Will Take Over My Business

Handing over your product to a 3PL is no easy ask. But one thing that you can count on your 3PL provider not doing is taking over your decisions for your business. A 3PL specializes in logistics, that’s it. It is in their name. Now your third-party logistics provider provides a service, meaning ultimately, you have the final say in every decision regarding your business.

The 3PL Won’t Be as Invested in My Growth

The thing about 3PLs is when you grow, they grow and vice versa. The relationship between business and their logistics partner is very mutually beneficial. Outsourcing your business’s fulfillment and logistics is really a win-win scenario for expanding businesses.

Outsourcing is Too Expensive

If outsourcing is too expensive, one of two things could be happening. One, you aren’t quite ready to take that jump into hiring a 3PL (which is totally okay!) Or what you are looking at isn’t budget friendly. If anything, outsourcing should save you money and time. And as we know, time is money!

Here at Launch Fulfillment, we offer a budget friendly pricing to fulfill your orders. Feel free to contact us about potentially hiring us for your logistics. We would be more than happy to answer any question you may have.